Residential landscaping Atlanta provides property owners with a full line of professional outdoor services. These include hardscaping, fireplace or chimney installation, backyard putting green installation, landscape lighting, and more. The company serves clients throughout the greater Atlanta area and has been featured on HGTV.

The company is owned and operated by an award-winning team of professionals with years of experience working in the industry. Their expertise allows them to create and maintain gardens that are both beautiful and functional, and they can help with everything from the design phase to the final implementation of your project. They also offer a range of other outdoor services, including retaining wall construction, deck installation, and more.

In the Atlanta metropolitan area, 92 percent of landscape contractors serve single-family homes. The majority of these professionals provide maintenance services, such as mowing, mulching, fertilization, and weed control, while a smaller percentage offer tree trimming, shrub pruning, chemical lawn care, and plant replacements.

Landscape designers in Atlanta largely skew toward traditional styles, which are characterized by formal hedges and manicured rows of flowering shrubs mingled with lush grasses, ferns, and other groundcover plants. These landscaping ideas are often paired with hardscape elements like patios and walkways, which can be created using a variety of materials such as bricks, pavers, and stone. They also often incorporate water features, such as pools or more decorative fountains, to provide a cooling encounter that’s often complemented by shade structures, pergolas, and seating areas.

Amid the broad temperature range and intense summer heat of the Atlanta climate, landscapers in this region must choose the right trees, shrubs, and flowers carefully. The best options for the region are native and climate-adapted species that evolved here and have a track record of landscape performance. Native plants require fewer resources to thrive, and they can also enhance the habitat for local wildlife.

While it is possible to create a modern landscape in Atlanta, the city’s most enduring designs have traditionally focused on achieving a sense of place and scale that reflects its southern heritage. The work of Frederick Law Olmsted, the preeminent American landscape architect, has shaped much of this approach. Many suburban communities were designed along his model, with curving streets visually unified by contiguous sweeps of lawn and canopies of shade trees.

Residential landscaping Atlanta can transform any property into a secluded sanctuary that fits the lifestyle and preferences of its residents. Experts can create lush, green spaces dotted with tranquil ponds, bubbling waterfalls, and colorful blooms, or they can turn outdoor living spaces into relaxing areas where families can enjoy the outdoors together. These design concepts can be implemented on any budget, ranging from a modest lawn renovation to the creation of a sprawling garden estate. The right Atlanta landscape design can increase curb appeal, boost property value, and create a welcoming oasis for all to enjoy.